Sunday, November 23, 2008

On That State Up North

So when I said I would update later, I guess I really meant.. much later! Haha, oops~ Well for anyone wondering, we *did* in fact beat that state from up north, pretty thoroughly actually. (This is only proper. xD) Sadly Michigan State couldn't win their game, but ah well; can't get everything one wants in this world. ;D Anyways, enough about M*ch*g*n.. we don't give a.. particular care for them anyways!

Okay, so this long awaited story- I'm sorry that it isn't actually a very good story. Too much build up! Basically, it goes like this. I get to campus at around 8, but my first class of the day doesn't begin until 9:30, so usually I spend this time productively. You know, working on homework, catching up on reading, or at the very least checking my email. (I really need to go through and delete/respond to a bunch. I'm sorry!! I'm behind again..) But on this particular morning, I decided to instead go and revel in nature. So instead of sitting in a warm, if empty, classroom, I trekked around the Oval taking pictures. As I'm engrossed taking pictures of one tree in particular, all of a sudden out of nowhere someone asks if I want my picture taken.. with the tree. Startled, I jump, she jumps, and I realize it's my professor, unintentionally snuck up on me. I don't think that I can quite convey the very dubious way she looked at me, and the flat out hilarity of her expression as she asked me this. I politely declined, and then got stuck walking to class with her a full hour early, where we discussed a previous lab. So instead of some quiet time alone to reflect on the beauty of nature, I looked over my previous lab results. Haha! Oh goodness. (This also resulted in her telling me that I have "a very weird head" which additionally cracked me up. She meant in the sense of my pronunciation of the word "head" and the vowel therein, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the comment immensely. She sounded so scandalized, oh goodness! I guess I'm a deviant dialectal... :D)

So yes. That is the story. Aren't you all glad you waited for it?? No?! xD Too bad~

Love and Best
your Bee ♥

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