Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On (A Lack Of) Creativity

So I realized that for a blog that is supposedly about my "creative" life, I have absolutely nothing creative up on here! So because I'm lazy, and I've done my part to deplete the world's natural resources, I've decided that if I want to make a quickie post, I'll just show some old art. Some of it's laughably bad. No, check that actually; ALL of it is laughably bad! But just so long as you promise not to laugh TOO much, I don't mind a good chuckle now and again. :) So for today's first reminiscing drabble, I give you some watercolor roosters.

Behold! Absolutely no technical skill, but geez I like roosters so much. Actually, I could probably do a series on roosters.. yeesh! (Maybe I will... LOL! A series of rooster posts anyways~) Don't get too excited now.. ;D

P.S.- I'm a cheater and got a Flickr, because I thought that perhaps that would be easier than trying to embed every single photo I'd like to share. Plus this way, you can browse at leisure! But it looks like I'll run against my monthly allotment of space in about.. twelve images. Oops! Time to resize~ :) Hope the link works, and that everyone is getting excited for Thanksgiving. I know I am!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

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