Sunday, December 28, 2008

On My Very Merry Christmas

My, I haven't written in ages! But I'm hoping you all will forgive me; I was busy enjoying Christmas with my family. I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones too! I was reorganizing some files, trying to clear off my desktop when I discovered a fun side-by-side comparison of two drawings.

The first is from when I was seven, and is a drawing of my shoe. Note the little flowers on the shoe? So cute! Little kids always have such sweet dear little articles of clothing. I am especially fond of the movement lines in the picture; is the shoe jumping? Cart-wheeling? Who knows! I like how unsteady the date is though.

Now, a drawing from when I was sixteen (I believe), another one of my shoe! (Sorry for the poor scan; I don't know where the original drawing is either, so I couldn't re-scan the image.) Apparently I like drawing my shoe! Haha~ :-) I just thought it was cute that I had two different versions of the same item in my life.

I've been doing some stuff in Photoshop lately, but nothing that isn't either a.) for work or b.) too silly and simple to post here. I had grand plans for churning out a dozen different little projects over break, but in the end I'm more grateful for the time I've had with the people I love. I hope everyone ends 2008 well, and I'll try to post at least once more before 2008 bows out. Let's get excited for the new year together!!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Some Good Cheer

Well hello again blogland! I have returned, bearing a holiday inspired doodle. I just love everything about the holidays; the warmth of home against the quiet hush of cold snow, the sense of expectation, the way friends and family come together again. It seems like everyone and everything I cherish gathers around the holidays, and I can't seem to keep a smile of my face even if I were to try! I meant to make some Christmas cards by hand this year, but as always time seems to have eluded my grasp once more. I might have to take up my mother's excellent suggestion that I make Valentine's Day cards instead. With the additional time, I have a much better chance of uh, actually completing the project haha! I am quite excellent at scheming up projects, but finding the time to carry them all out is another matter entirely. :D But I think at this time of year it's most important to try and slow down and appreciate all the wonderful blessings in our lives anyways, so I don't worry myself too much. After all, dreaming is half the fun!
Anyways, so here's a doodle for you all, my dear Tiny Makers. (There were a few others, but frankly on review I realized that they're not particularly good, so I'll have to work on some more fun little cards~) Happy holidays everyone!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On An Aetiology

I realized that I never gave any reason for why I chose the url that I did for this blog... I will remedy this immediately~ :) So, an explanation! I chose Tiny Made because I wanted this to be a craft blog. I like creating things with my own hands, and in general my handmade things tend to be small. I can't mass produce things, so everything is made on a small scale, both literally as in I can only make one of anything at a time, but also in the sense that I like to make things that are tiny as well. So they're tiny made, just as they're handmade! Additionally, I'm a very small person, so I was "made tiny" as well, which I thought was a cute. I also like taking macro pictures. You focus on a small detail of an object as a whole, and all of a sudden you can find entire complex worlds hidden within the mundane. Everything is beautiful close up. Suddenly you can see all the color variations and graceful lines of veins in a single leaf, or you can marvel at the delicate precision in a tiny bug. I think it's astounding.

So there you have it! Welcome to Tiny Made; I hope you enjoy your stay! :D

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On An End Of Roosters

Long time no write! Sorry blog-land, between gearing up for the holidays and then finals, I have been slightly neglectful. But no more! I return, with the last of some roosters for a while (I promise!) :)

The first is a stuffed animal rooster than I created just for kicks. The picture isn't amazing because I was too impatient to wait for better lighting, but you get the gist.

The second is another watercolor painting, this time slightly more realistic. Can you tell I love color? He's a regular rainbow fowl! But I like him.

That's it for now, although I might have some more later with a quilt I'm working on. We'll see if I have anything picture-worthy!

Until then, I hope you're staying warm and enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.

Love and Best
your Bee ♥