Monday, June 22, 2009

On A Couple of Cards

This is just a quickie update, with two pictures of recent card-ish-ness fun! :D

The first is from Father's Day. Drawn in pencil, colored digitally, the whole thing took me maybe two hours from start to finish? (That might be an overestimate, I never remember to time these sorts of things ha!) My favorite part is the bouncing tennis ball at the bottom, I must admit. I don't know why, but I think it's cute! What do you think? xD

The second is just a grad thank-you card I made (photo credit goes to my Mom!) for a very nice congrats-on-graduating type card I received from some family friends. :-) Thank you so much! I always get so excited about cards~ (Did you know that I've kept every letter, note, card I think I've ever received in my life? It's true! I have several boxes full now, and I love to take everything out and reread them, especially if I'm feeling unsure or sad. It's a wonderful pick-me-up!)

I will eventually get around to uploading some pretty pictures from our garden; we got my favorite flower, hydrangea, and they're so pretty!! Makes me happy.

Until then!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Things Of Late

Spring makes me itchy to create. I want to capture every pretty blossom I see, every sweet song I hear outside my window. This is good for blogging, bad for academics! But if I can just hold on for a few more weeks summer will be here in style, and maybe then I'll have freed up some time for puttering around with my next quilt, or my next drawing, or my next Great Idea. :-) For now, though, here's what you've missed recently!

First, here is a card I made for a very dear friend who's going abroad.

Sadly, I have re-discovered that my computer's color settings are off! So while this card looks remarkably bright on my screen, it didn't transfer to print quite as well as I would have liked. I've been working on a couple of websites for one of my jobs, and I've noticed some color discrepancies between the computer in the lab and my laptop there too, so the verdict seems to be that my poor Dell is just.. off! I've tried correcting it, but to no avail. I'll just have to remember to keep that in mind when I'm designing my next card~ I meant to take a picture of the *actual* card as well, but I was too busy trying to cram all of my love for our friendship into words, so I got distracted and forgot. Oopsies! The only difference were a few tiny shiny star (sequins? not sure) thingies I carefully adhered to the perimeter of the circle by the first letter of her name. Otherwise, I didn't try to modify the card. I'm really quite terrible with paste, so I usually just make images with lots of colors instead of making something composed of different textures. I have a friend who makes very beautiful cards, with such nice combinations of papers and ribbons, but I just get so nervous cutting and glueing- if you make a mistake, there's no und0 button! But maybe I'll work on trying to start branching out, who knows. :) In any case, I spent a lot of time on this card, and I'm sending many good wishes to my friend in her travels! I'm already counting the days until she's back~ <3

As for this image, this is just more linguistics silliness. ToBI is a system for identifying and categorizing pitch accents; a "star" is a convention in this system, and when one of my professors said that there can only be "one star" (per stressed syllable is the rest of her statement), all I could imagine was every competition reality show I've ever (not) seen! xD

Finally, a glimpse at my next quilt endeavor.. a t-shirt quilt!

This is more because I can't bear to give up my old t-shirts than any other creative impulse, haha! But this way they'll still be useful. Let's see if this quilt takes me less than half a decade~ ;D

Perhaps when the websites go live, I will link them from here, for your personal enjoyment. Then again, the only tools at my disposal in their creation were Microsoft Paint and Notepad, so perhaps I won't share! xDDD Hahaha~

Enjoy the warming weather (but still not too hot!) and be sure to take your allergy medicine. :)

Until then, Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Finish Lines

The completed quilt... finally! I should have waited for some better lighting before photographing, but I got impatient. The weather and I were at a week long stand-off, and finally today Ijust gave in and accepted some slightly moody lighting. :-) This has been a labor of love in every sense of that phrase, and while the finished product certainly isn't flawless, I love it to pieces! (Haha, pieced quilt, love it to pieces... get it?! Oh, the level of humor...! ;D)

There's just something so magical about holding in your hands a realized idea. I've already used it oodles (thus some of the crinkliness of the quilt.. it's been washed, dried, and cuddled with non-stop!) and that's probably my favorite part about sewing. No matter how much you love a painting or photograph, you can't hug one!

Some logisitics:
~began picking out fabrics, figuring out design, and then cutting summer 2006
~began piecing the top winter 2006
~finished piecing top, embroidering back, and piecing back by winter 2007
~tied quilt spring 2008
~bound quilt spring 2009

The quilt measures (about) 46 inches square, and it took me roughly 35 hours just to bind it! I did every single thing by hand, and since this was my first quilt, I didn't know to use a running stitch. Instead, I used a very tight whipstitch, the stongest stitch I could think of at the time. About halfway through piecing the top, I took it with me to a fabric shop in search of some backing material that coordinated well. The employees all thought that I had serged the top, my seams were so dense with thread! By that time I didn't want to change my stitching styles even though I had finally realized that I was going a little bit overboard. So it goes. :-)

It took countless spools of brown thread, multiple trips to various fabric stores, and a good three years, but I've finally finished my quilt. Phew!


Now to start planning the next one...! ;)

Until then, love and best
your Bee ♥

Friday, April 3, 2009

On Almost Endings

I have been working on this quilt for a very long time. Years, in fact. I more or less completed it the spring before last, except for the binding. SO now I have finally bitten the bullet, and take up my quilt once more! The tedium of binding off the quilt isn't as heavy as I imagined it would be. It helps that a.) the binding makes the quilt look ridiculously better (I hadn't realized just how unfinished it looks otherwise) and b.) every stitch brings me closer to completion.

I can't wait! No time for more blogging now, off to stitch!! :-)

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Nerdy Silliness, and Some Image Dumping

Alas, I haven't been able to take any decent pictures of my growing collection of beloved pink items (a pillow, a polka dot robe, some fuzzy socks, even my hair dryer!). So instead, a pink Valentine left over from last month that I never shared~ It's only funny to a very small percentage of people (linguists), but I'm sure you can catch the gist of it without any real background knowledge on who Dr. Labov is! ;-) I know, I have a really sophisticated sense of humor, hee hee hee!

Here, a similar ling-y joke! This one is less clear to non-linguists; the only thing you really need to know is that vowels are classified as having three different levels, corresponding to tongue height, and they are high, mid, and low. A really terrible little word play, but I cracked myself up regardless! (If you want to know more about human language sounds, here's a link to the Wikipedia site on the International Phonetic Alphabet~)

Finally, a random dump of old doodles from last month. I did 100% of these while listening to the same classmate discuss his research every week for a minimum of an hour. My choices were either to stand up and throw something at him (gah! we only need a quick update! there are more of us who need to present!!) or to soothe myself with doodling. I chose the latter! xD (Oh, alright, this is slightly exaggerated, I'm not really that aggressive and it wasn't really that bad. But I did doodle while I took notes.)

I'm hoping to have some time soon to do some little artsy things, but as always we'll see..! Until then. :D

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On A Little Love

Because I'd be "lion" if I said that I didn't love you all~ ;D Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Perhaps in honor of the holiday, I will post some pics next time of all of the pink I'm loving in my life. In the meantime, enjoy the last vestiges of your Valentine weekend with the people you love, and enjoy President's Day tomorrow.

Until then!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On A (Tiny) Update

Oh goodness! An update a month isn't exactly the pace I had in mind for this blog, but alas, we do what we can. My mind is bursting with fun ideas my hands are itching to create, but equally bursting is my planner- so the hands remain stewards of education for the moment! :P

However, here is an apology doodle to try and make amends, in recognition of your kind patience~ Of course, it follows in my bird-theme.. this time an owl! Only appropriate, since I've been so busy with school. Cheers, to learning and creating!
I hope you're keeping warm, and enjoying winter (safe in the knowledge that spring is coming, just wait and see~) :-)

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥