Friday, November 14, 2008

An Inaugural Post

I have considered getting a blog many times over. After all, who doesn't like to talk about their own life?! ;D But time restrictions and lack of content have always driven me away. However- no more! I am now the proud owner of a blog. I'm not entirely sure what I plan on doing with this space; I feel like I have to have some sort of target function and audience in mind. How personal should this be? I'd like to be able to talk about things that matter to me, but I also want to maintain my privacy. I'd really like for this to be a craft blog, but I am uncertain about my creative pacing; currently I'm in slow slow maybe-I'll-finish-this-before-I-die mode! So I think I'm going to settle on having a "happy life" blog. I want to collect, recollect, create happiness in my life and share it with you all. I think that having a blog to keep me accountable will make my goal of finding happiness everywhere much more tangible. So that's where I'd like to take this- phew! What a tall order~ :]

I guess I can only promise to do my best (and forewarn that sporadic updating will probably be the only constant around here, haha!)

Love and Best,
your Bee

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