Sunday, February 15, 2009

On A Little Love

Because I'd be "lion" if I said that I didn't love you all~ ;D Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Perhaps in honor of the holiday, I will post some pics next time of all of the pink I'm loving in my life. In the meantime, enjoy the last vestiges of your Valentine weekend with the people you love, and enjoy President's Day tomorrow.

Until then!

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On A (Tiny) Update

Oh goodness! An update a month isn't exactly the pace I had in mind for this blog, but alas, we do what we can. My mind is bursting with fun ideas my hands are itching to create, but equally bursting is my planner- so the hands remain stewards of education for the moment! :P

However, here is an apology doodle to try and make amends, in recognition of your kind patience~ Of course, it follows in my bird-theme.. this time an owl! Only appropriate, since I've been so busy with school. Cheers, to learning and creating!
I hope you're keeping warm, and enjoying winter (safe in the knowledge that spring is coming, just wait and see~) :-)

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥