Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On A Series Of Roosters

..And you thought that I was kidding. Ha! That'll teach ya. ;D Anyways, this one is just another random painting I made (at the request of my mother, because she thinks roosters are pretty adorable). Sorry for the slightly bad quality photograph, I was too impatient to wait for the kitchen to be fully lit.

Done in acrylic. Can you tell I'm procrastinating on my next problem set? The bane of my existence, haha! (That's a mighty fine existence, if my only real concern is a series of questions on set theory. :D) I hope everyone is getting pumped for Thanksgiving, and I may or may not be back with some more stuff later. We'll see. I'm debating between cutting up some fabric, doodling, going on a music spree (don't think that I can afford this, haha! what a habit~) or going to the bookstore. I think I hear some books calling, so image-uploading might not occur... xD

Happy Wednesday, regardless!

Love and Best
your Bee ♥

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