Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Nerdy Silliness, and Some Image Dumping

Alas, I haven't been able to take any decent pictures of my growing collection of beloved pink items (a pillow, a polka dot robe, some fuzzy socks, even my hair dryer!). So instead, a pink Valentine left over from last month that I never shared~ It's only funny to a very small percentage of people (linguists), but I'm sure you can catch the gist of it without any real background knowledge on who Dr. Labov is! ;-) I know, I have a really sophisticated sense of humor, hee hee hee!

Here, a similar ling-y joke! This one is less clear to non-linguists; the only thing you really need to know is that vowels are classified as having three different levels, corresponding to tongue height, and they are high, mid, and low. A really terrible little word play, but I cracked myself up regardless! (If you want to know more about human language sounds, here's a link to the Wikipedia site on the International Phonetic Alphabet~)

Finally, a random dump of old doodles from last month. I did 100% of these while listening to the same classmate discuss his research every week for a minimum of an hour. My choices were either to stand up and throw something at him (gah! we only need a quick update! there are more of us who need to present!!) or to soothe myself with doodling. I chose the latter! xD (Oh, alright, this is slightly exaggerated, I'm not really that aggressive and it wasn't really that bad. But I did doodle while I took notes.)

I'm hoping to have some time soon to do some little artsy things, but as always we'll see..! Until then. :D

Love and Best,
your Bee ♥


VJ said...

I love the nighttime moon doodle! It is adorable; I am going to hire you when I have babies so you can paint their bedrooms.

Why do you have to listen to classmates present their research every single week? You're not a grad student!

Bee said...

I would TOTALLY be down with that!! I love babies. Art for children is always so happy and colorful- it's my favorite. :)

Haha! Sadly, my major would like to disagree... xD I think their plan is to secretly shuffle undergrads into graduate school without their realizing! I'm taking three grad level classes and two grad level seminars next quarter, so why not? Sillies.. :-)