Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Things Of Late

Spring makes me itchy to create. I want to capture every pretty blossom I see, every sweet song I hear outside my window. This is good for blogging, bad for academics! But if I can just hold on for a few more weeks summer will be here in style, and maybe then I'll have freed up some time for puttering around with my next quilt, or my next drawing, or my next Great Idea. :-) For now, though, here's what you've missed recently!

First, here is a card I made for a very dear friend who's going abroad.

Sadly, I have re-discovered that my computer's color settings are off! So while this card looks remarkably bright on my screen, it didn't transfer to print quite as well as I would have liked. I've been working on a couple of websites for one of my jobs, and I've noticed some color discrepancies between the computer in the lab and my laptop there too, so the verdict seems to be that my poor Dell is just.. off! I've tried correcting it, but to no avail. I'll just have to remember to keep that in mind when I'm designing my next card~ I meant to take a picture of the *actual* card as well, but I was too busy trying to cram all of my love for our friendship into words, so I got distracted and forgot. Oopsies! The only difference were a few tiny shiny star (sequins? not sure) thingies I carefully adhered to the perimeter of the circle by the first letter of her name. Otherwise, I didn't try to modify the card. I'm really quite terrible with paste, so I usually just make images with lots of colors instead of making something composed of different textures. I have a friend who makes very beautiful cards, with such nice combinations of papers and ribbons, but I just get so nervous cutting and glueing- if you make a mistake, there's no und0 button! But maybe I'll work on trying to start branching out, who knows. :) In any case, I spent a lot of time on this card, and I'm sending many good wishes to my friend in her travels! I'm already counting the days until she's back~ <3

As for this image, this is just more linguistics silliness. ToBI is a system for identifying and categorizing pitch accents; a "star" is a convention in this system, and when one of my professors said that there can only be "one star" (per stressed syllable is the rest of her statement), all I could imagine was every competition reality show I've ever (not) seen! xD

Finally, a glimpse at my next quilt endeavor.. a t-shirt quilt!

This is more because I can't bear to give up my old t-shirts than any other creative impulse, haha! But this way they'll still be useful. Let's see if this quilt takes me less than half a decade~ ;D

Perhaps when the websites go live, I will link them from here, for your personal enjoyment. Then again, the only tools at my disposal in their creation were Microsoft Paint and Notepad, so perhaps I won't share! xDDD Hahaha~

Enjoy the warming weather (but still not too hot!) and be sure to take your allergy medicine. :)

Until then, Love and Best,
your Bee ♥


VJ said...

That is funny, I recently asked Jennifer to make me a Tshirt quilt because I can't bear to throw away my worn Tshirts either!

And when/where is Arianna going abroad? It makes me sad that I am not in the loop anymore. Thank goodness for blogs!

Bee said...

It's true, thank goodness for the internet, or else I would *never* know what's going on!
She left yesterday and is gone for most of the summer, and she wrote a note with her new address on Facebook (I don't feel comfortable posting it on the internet!) She has internet access, but I fully plan on writing her letters anyways~ ;D

ABond said...

Oh BB! I love you and your card is so beautiful and cute. I have it on my Danish Desk. :O) The T Shirt Quilt will be fantastic, when it is done in 2011. I miss you very much!

JBHelmig said...

brittany! i have a blog should

Kaitlyn said...

ah I thought that was you b^2! congrats on graduating!

Bee said...

Grax Kaitlyn!!! :] :] :]